Where do Ohio opossums live? Do more opossums live in urban areas, or wild areas?

A Columbus opossum is a unique little creature which is generally found in America. It is said that this animal had its origin in North America and then it was found in the central parts of America as well. Till then, a lot has changed and opossum has made its way to the different regions which includes both urban and wild areas. The key element behind the movement of opossum is the food. They start living in the areas where they are able to find food easily. It does not matter whether it will be a city or a forest.

The reason they can live in any area is because their body can handle itself to different types of environments. They can survive in any kind of environment. Moreover, they can eat anything and can live in any climate or temperature. They have a coat on their body which protects them from the extreme cold weathers. Furthermore, they can make their house at any place where they will feel safe from any kind of predator.

Apart from all these natural benefits that they have, still they are having some issues to live in the wildlife. These Columbus animals cannot see properly at night and that’s why they have to move out at night in search of prey. And this is quite risky because at night most of the animals are in looking for their prey and they can easy become the food of some another animal.

This is the reason that nowadays, opossums prefer to live in the places where they could find food easily and they will stay safe too. Opossum find that such safe place is in the urban areas only in the homes. In urban areas there will not be any wild animals who will hunt the opossums and thus they don’t have to protect themselves from anyone (except humans sometimes).

In urban areas, opossums have lot of places to stay such as in homes, farms or suburban areas. Most of the time opossums like to live in the houses attics, garages, under a shed etc. They are good in hiding so whenever they hear any voice then can quickly hide. Sometimes, people don’t even realize that they have another member in their home which is living along with them. Opossums also like to live in the farm areas because they can easily hide in the barns or the other structures that are made by man.

In the urban areas, they generally look for their food in the garbage or the feed on the food of other animals. They don’t have to do much effort in this to look for food which is why they prefer to stay more in the urban areas. Opossum is a quite intelligent animal and they know that they are safe in this area and they have plenty of food available as well. Therefore, they make such places as their permanent house to live.

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