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We are Columbus Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Columbus, OH. While it may not seem that common, everyday hundreds of wild animals travel into the yards, sheds, even the homes of people in this area. You can imagine the stories we’ve heard over the years, and this is why we have built a business ensuring that no matter what kind of wildlife critter is in your home or on your property, we have the training and the expertise to be able to remove these animals safely and quickly.It doesn’t matter what kind of animal you may have. We handle rodents like squirrels, mice, rats, and other similar animals that are known to chew on electrical wires. Many of these critters leave their droppings and urine around, which can become a source of mold and odor in your home. Our professional group of experts know exactly how to rid your property of these kind of problem animals. We not only specialize in handling the removal of wild animals, but also provide professional grade home and building repairs to keep wild animals out of your home for good. There may be other companies in the area providing similar services, but none comes with the kind of expertise and experience that we have. We do a first-rate job each and every time.
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About Pest Animal Columbus and Our Services:

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We offer attic cleanup and sanitation services.

Fully Ohio licensed and insured.

Poison-free Columbus rodent control - rats and mice.

Bat control in Columbus - removal from attics

Raccoon and skunk removal in Columbus

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Our Service Range

Our Service Range

Grove City, Hilliard, Gahanna, Worthington, Upper Arlington, Bexley, Groveport, Obetz, Grandview Heights, Whitehall, Lockbourne, Marble Cliff, Urbancrest, Minerva Park, and many more!

Columbus Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Can Squirrels Bite Or Attack Humans?

Squirrels are one of the most active creatures around human habitats in the United States. Studies reveal that these rodents have strong smell and vision, so they can easily select their targets or can also ensure safety from predators as well. Squirrels never even miss a chance to get into a fight with other tiny animals or rodents. Many people fall in love with their innocent faces and cute structures. Homeowners in the United States even think of keeping them as pets at home. But in actual, these creatures are not that good to keep at home like other furry friends such as dogs and cats.

The biggest reason to keep squirrels away from your premises is that they carry harmful disease viruses that can be transferred to humans and pets around. They can also contaminate food sources and water tanks with their feces and urine as well. Squirrels also have sharp teeth that they can use to safeguard themselves. They also get indulged in a fight with humans to save their babies and nests. When angry, they can also bite or scratch your skin. Although squirrels do not carry the rabies virus, they are capable enough to spread many other harmful disease viruses to the people around.

Squirrels do not mess with humans without any reason. But if you provoke them for some reason, they can bite you hard. Some of you might have heard about the stories of squirrel bites and how badly the pets get affected with their attack. While making efforts to save their own life, they can cause huge harm to anyone around.

Like most other rodents in nature, squirrels also have sharp incisors. These front teeth keep on growing all the time. In order to maintain their shape, squirrels keep on chewing everything around. These incisors are sharp enough to slice even thick objects around.

In case if you have a pet squirrel at home or they are living like unwanted guests in your premises, it is important to take appropriate steps to avoid their bites. In case if your pet squirrel is bitten by stray dog or cat, the chances are that it may get infected by some serious disease that can be further transferred to your family members through squirrel bites or scratches. Hence, it is important to see a veterinarian as soon as possible to ensure proper treatment.

If you live in squirrel affected area, it is important to take steps to get rid of these creatures as soon as possible. The best idea is to remove all the attractions from your premises so that squirrels do not find any reason to visit your home. Some people also prefer to use deterrent and repellents to get rid of squirrels as soon as possible. However, if you are not able to scare them away from using DIY procedures, we advise you to take help from animal removal companies. These professionals know the right tips and techniques to handle squirrel infestation on time.