Are Columbus Raccoons Skilled Enough To Swim?

If you own a swimming pool in your property, you might be worried about if Ohio raccoons can contaminate it. It is important to know that swimming pools are one of the most common attractions for raccoons in residential areas. They are always in love with sources of water where they can wash their hands and wash their foods before eating. When such an open source of water is available within your property, they would definitely love to spend more time in it.

Some of you might be interested to know what kind of harm raccoons can cause to the swimming pool. Well! As per the complaints received from a wide range of homeowners in the United States, these creature poop in the pool. This leads to contamination of water, and it can further cause several harmful diseases to humans and pets around. Studies reveal that raccoon poops carry several harmful bacteria causing diseases such as salmonella, leptospirosis, and roundworms as well. These diseases can cause huge harm to human health and may even lead to the death of the affected person. That is why it becomes essential to save your pools from the access to raccoons. Below we have highlighted few tips and tricks to save your premises from raccoon attacks:

One of the most important things that you can do is cover your pool in the night hours. As raccoons prefer to explore the area in the dark hours, covering the pool may help you to keep it safe from a raccoon attack. Open the pool only when you want to use it, otherwise keep it safe by covering it properly.

While using pool covers, it is also important to install fences around your premises to make it protected from Columbus raccoon attacks. Make sure that these fences have a great height above the ground and below the ground as well. Actually, raccoons are good at climbing the structures, and they can also dig burrows below the ground to gain access inside so these specially designed fences can save your pool.

In case if you are not able to block access of raccoons to your premises, we advise you to use traps to capture them. The live cage traps can capture the animals without causing them any harm and later they can be carried to some other locations with ease. However, before using this procedure, you must check your state laws because most states in the United States do not allow homeowners to trap or harm raccoons. If you are lucky enough to trap them, you can release them at the far corner of the city where they can find enough sources for survival.

If nothing helps, you can also take help from professional raccoon removal company. These licensed professionals know the right tips and tricks to deal with the animals and can keep your pools safe from their repeated attacks. It is possible to save your house from raccoons by using professional assistance.

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